Do You Need a Book Trailer for Your Book?

Internet users now spend more time watching videos online then they do performing searches via search engines. Half the United States population watches at least one online video per month.

How about you? Have you watched a YouTube or other online video in the past month?

With so much video watching going on, Darcy Pattison believes that book trailers are a powerful promotional tool for a book. She has thoroughly researched both the conceptual piece of creating a video as well as the technical process of creating one. She put all her knowledge into an ebook titled The Book Trailer Manual.

Prior to making the book available to the public, Darcy made promotional copies of her ebook available to industry leaders in an effort to raise awareness for her book and drive traffic for sales. Smart move. She sent me a link to download her ebook for free. I downloaded it and read it. Now I am writing about it so that you can have access to this good resource.

Darcy has done a thorough job of walking her readers through all aspects of creating a promotional book trailer. The first section of the book helps the reader determine what type of video would be best for his book and teaches the reader how to create a concept for a book trailer. A worksheet on creating a great concept for a book trailer is even included in the appendix.

The second half of the book is the technical portion. Darcy shows her readers many of the hardware and software options for creating their own book videos.

At the end of the book, Darcy lists 42 websites where authors and publishers can upload their promotional book trailers. I was highly disappointed that she failed to mention any Christian book trailer websites such as,, and

However, if you are seriously considering creating a promotional book trailer for your book and are unsure where to start, I do recommend this book. While the price is steep for an ebook ($19.99) I think it would be worth the investment if you wanted to create your own book trailer (rather than outsource the job for several hundred dollars) and needed help.