Are you a Literature Missionary?

“I always wanted to be a missionary, but that dream was not fulfilled. Then one day I realized that I was a missionary—a literature missionary!”

This statement, made by the Director of the Write to Impact Lives conference I taught at earlier this year, made me stop and think.

It’s a true statement. If you write and publish books that point people to Jesus Christ, then, you too, are a literature missionary.

Even better, with the ability to sell books worldwide today, you don’t just have to be a domestic literature missionary, you can be a foreign literature missionary as well.

If your book is available for sale on Amazon, then it available for purchase in the following countries:

United States United Kingdom Ireland Brazil
France Canada Germany Japan
Italy Spain Netherlands India
Austria Belgium Luxembourg Mexico

If your ebook is available via Kobo, then it is also available in:

  • Portugal
  • South Africa
  • Turkey
  • Philippines
  • Switzerland

One method to gain more exposure in some of these countries for your books is to make sure that you set up an Author Central Page for each country. Currently, Amazon lets you set up Author Center Pages for just four countries outside of the United States: Germany, United Kingdom, France, and Japan. You access can Author Central for each of these countries at the following links:

With today’s technology, every Christian author has the opportunity to be a Literature Missionary!

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Photo courtesy of Porapak Apichodilok.