Oh, The Places Your Book Will Go!

On a recent weekend excursion, I stayed in a HomeAway basement apartment in Virginia. For those of you who aren’t familiar with HomeAway, it is a competitor of Airbnb. Both services help people rent anything from a bed in their home up to their complete house to travelers.

It was obvious that the main room of this basement apartment doubled as a bonus room for the family when they were not renting their basement to travelers. One wall held bookcases that were full of books.

Being a book person, I spent a few minutes perusing the books on these bookshelves. I gleaned a number of things about the family whose house I was staying in from the books they had on these shelves.

I learned that the family followed Christ. At least one of the spouses had attended a Christian university (the yearbooks were housed on these shelves) and there were numerous Christian books on the shelves.

As I was browsing the various titles, much to my delight, I encountered a title that had won the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award (now renamed the Christian Indie Awards). I pulled the book off the shelf, and sure enough, the award sticker was proudly displayed on the book’s cover.

I love to see books by small publishers and independently-published authors on bookshelves in homes I visit. What a treat to find this gem among other great Christian books!

The number of independently published books is on the rise. Recent studies have found that almost one out of every five books (17+%) purchased is an independently published book. As a result, I am sure more and more bookshelves will be housing independently published book, including winners of award for these types of books like the Christian Indie Awards.

By the way, nominations are still open for the 2018 Christian Indie Awards. You can nominate any Christian book you have published in 2016 or 2017 for the awards through November 15, 2017. Nominations can be made by either the author or the publisher. The award is open to independently published books as well as books published by small presses.

Make your nomination today at https://www.christianaward.com.

Have you ever seen a book you published displayed or stored someplace that pleasantly surprised you?

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