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I am a coupon clipper. Every Sunday I go through the ads in the newspaper (yes, I still get a print newspaper) and clip the ones that I think I will use. I put these on my refrigerator so they are handy when I go to the grocery store. Sadly, half the time I forget to grab the coupons on my way out the door to the store.

Could offering coupons for your books spur more sales?

Clearly, extreme couponing is not for me. My intentions are good. It’s my follow through that needs some work. Usually, I remember I forgot the coupons about halfway to the grocery store. At that point, I don’t feel like going back to get them. So they sit unused  on my refrigerator.

I am not alone in coupon clipping or in using them (although I could improve in this aspect). Recent research by Inmar found that shoppers today are driven by the use of coupons. According to this research:

  • 60% of shoppers reported using paper as well as digital coupons.
  • 28% of shoppers reporting using paper coupons exclusively.
  • 13% said they use only digital coupons.

Coupon use is regular and ongoing for many consumers:

  • 42% of surveyed shoppers reported they “always” or “usually” use digital coupons.
  • 37% said the same about coupon inserts from the Sunday newspaper.

It’s clear that consumers see value in coupons. In fact, 80% of consumers in the Inmar study reported that coupons changed their behavior in some way. This raises the question: Could offering coupons for your books spur more sales?

Offer coupons

There are many ways you can use coupons to sell your books. You can offer a digital coupon in your email newsletter. You can offer a coupon in a print mailing such as on a postcard. You can even offer a coupon at a live event where you are selling your book.

Giving consumers what they want is a great way to encourage them to buy your book. Creating a coupon is not difficult. Free online services like Send a Coupon make creating a coupon easy. Send a Coupon allows you to create free coupons that you can email or tweet to your followers.

Try it. You might reap a few more sales just by giving out coupons.

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Are You Using Coupons?

If you are not using coupons in your marketing efforts, you may be missing out on some sales. Over 50% of the general population seek out special offers. Did you know that businesses offering a coupon in an email have a 34% higher click through rate for their email campaigns?

Check out this infographic on coupons and then consider how you can start incorporating coupons into your marketing efforts and snag more sales.

Coupons are King

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Sell More Books with Coupons

The other day, I sent my dear husband to purchase a Sunday newspaper at the store. I usually pick up the paper before or after church, but this particular Sunday, I had waited until the evening to send him.


I was surprised to learn that he had to drive to three stores to find one that still had a Sunday paper to sell—until he told me that the woman in line before him was buying four papers. Then it struck me. All the Sunday papers were sold out because serious coupon users often buy multiple copies of the Sunday paper for the coupons.

Coupons are popular. A recent study by Valassis Shopper Marketing found that 40% of their survey respondents reported that their coupon usage had increased during the past year. While more than half of these coupon clippers still use printed coupons from newspapers (52%) and mailers (51%), those who prefer digital coupon delivery has grown 6% since 2012.

Publishers and authors can make use of this information. Many readers are bargain shoppers. They are much more likely to engage in making a purchase when a special is offered. One way to offer specials is through coupons. Coupons can be sent via snail mail, email, or even offered over social media.

When running a promotional campaign for your book, be sure to build in some special offers and include a coupon offer. Make sure that you put an expiration date on your coupon. This gives the buyer a greater sense of urgency to act now to get the special deal.

Free online services like Send a Coupon make creating a coupon easy. Send a Coupon allows you to create free coupons that you can email or tweet to your followers.

I encourage you to take advantage of the increased coupon use trend in America to sell more of your books.

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