Everyday Thanksgiving

As Christ followers, we should be overflowing with thankfulness. After all, the Word exhorts us to “give thanks in all circumstances” (I Thess. 5:18).


Yet, you may be like me. Often the demands of life crowd in and you forget to overflow with thankfulness. It’s not that you’re not thankful. It’s just that you forget to be thankful in the moment.

I think I could do a better job of thanking the people I come into contact with each day. I definitely could thank them more for helping me, for doing their job, for their patience, for bearing with my failings.

Thankfulness builds good relations. For publishers and independent authors, I think it is especially important to be thankful when someone provides a service for you—whether paid or unpaid. If a reviewer provides a review of your book, be sure to thank them. If a publication or blog runs your press release, thank them. If a magazine runs an article about or by you, thank them. If a consumer buys your book, say thank you. If someone shares one of your posts on Facebook or Twitter, send them a quick thank you.

Being more thankful can help us build better relations, and it will help us spread joy. Here are five creative ways you can say thank you.

  1. Create a memorable thank-you stuffer to include in the package with a book you are shipping to a customer.
  2. Tag a reviewer or a blogger in a thank-you post on your Facebook page or Twitter feed, or even in a blog post.
  3. Write an on-line review for your printer, book cover designer, or editor, and include a thank you in your review.
  4. Email a small gift certificate to a few of your customers (or the first five people to buy a new book from your website) as a way of thanking them for their business.
  5. Include a thank you note in your inscription when signing books for customers.

Let’s declare everyday a “Thank You Day.” I encourage you to be more thoughtfully thankful daily…and, Thank You for reading my blog.

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