Direct Mail is Not Dead

Anyone seeking to live a healthy lifestyle can’t just say, “I exercise regularly so I have a healthy lifestyle.” A healthy lifestyle encompasses more than just regular exercise. It includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, appropriate sleep and rest, and healthy relationships. In other words, one thing does not make a healthy lifestyle, a holistic approach is needed.


The same is true for a marketing plan. One activity does not create a successful marketing plan. Even multiple activities in one medium do not create a strong marketing plan. For example, if all your marketing is online, you are not developing a holistic marketing program. You are missing out on print, media, and in-person marketing opportunities.

If you have become guilty of only using social media, email, and other Internet opportunities to market your books, I encourage you to consider other options as well. In particular, consider using direct mail—especially postcards.

Direct mail is still strong and postcards do catch people’s attention. Take a look at these statistics by the Direct Marketing Association:

  • 42% of recipients read or scan direct mail pieces.
  • 14% of individuals ages 45 to 54 respond to direct mail pieces.
  • 12% of individuals ages 18 to 21 respond to direct mail pieces.
  • 51% of recipients of direct mail find postcards useful, making them the favored type of direct mail piece by consumers.
  • Individuals are far more likely to respond to direct mail if it comes from a company with whom they have already done business.

Postcards work well for marketing books. If you have a list of addresses of people who have purchased a book from you at some point in time, sending a postcard when you release a new book is a great way to encourage sales. After all, the research shows that people respond to mail from companies they have already done business with. This means that you can win back previous book buyers and get them to purchase your newest book.

Better yet, include a coupon on your postcard. Studies show that 85% of Americans use coupons. In fact, 73% of Millennials say they find coupons in print sources such as the newspaper or mail, compared to 69% of GenX and 65% of Boomers. Adding a coupon to your direct mail piece increases engagement.

Remember, not everyone uses the Internet to the same degree. You are only hooking a portion of your audience via the Internet. You can use direct mail to widen your marketing reach and gain more customers for your books.

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