Engage Your Fans With Polls

Which do you read more: fiction or nonfiction books?

Polling—asking readers opinions—is a powerful tool that you can incorporate into your social media marketing strategy. Social media is about engaging with your audience. Polls are a wonderful tool to use to connect with your followers and fans.

yes noPeople love to give their opinions, so polls are usually popular on social media. Using polls provides you with three great benefits.

1. Polls give you feedback.
Are you struggling with a title for your book? Ask your followers on social media. Give them a choice between two titles and ask them which title draws them in using a poll. Are you wondering which cover design is better? Ask your fans using a poll on social media. Not sure which name to give your main character? Again, use a poll to ask your social media circle which name they prefer. Polls can provide you all sorts of feedback and help you design your book to meet readers’ desires.

2. Polls help you engage your followers and fans.
When you use a poll to get feedback, you are engaging with your fans. You are asking them their opinion and letting them know that their thoughts and ideas matter to you. People are drawn to others that listen to them and take what they think into consideration. You can do this with your followers on social media by using polls.

3. Polls can help you build excitement for your upcoming book.
Using a poll to ask your social media circle which book cover, title, name, or setting they prefer builds interest in your project. When people have input into something, they take ownership of that thing. By asking your followers to help you choose a cover or title, you are encouraging your fans to become connected to your next book. This builds excitement and anticipation. Readers will say, “That’s the book cover I voted for,” or “That’s the title I thought she should use.”

If you want to use polls to engage with your followers more, there are a number of free services on the Internet that allow you to create polls and run them on your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Some even allow you to email a poll. Two free poll creating services to check out are PlayBuzz and QZZR.

Have you used a poll in your social media marketing? If so, did it engage your fans and give you the feedback you were looking for?

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