Good Enough May Not Be Right

I adore hummingbirds. A couple of years ago, after moving to North Carolina, I purchased a traditional hummingbird feeder to hang by my back porch in the hopes that it would attract hummingbirds.

Fortunately, it worked. The first year I hung the feeder, we had scores of hummingbirds. It turns out that I hung the feeder during the hummingbird migration time and many of the birds migrating farther north stopped at my feeder.

After that first season, the number of birds at the feeder stabilized to a handful that we had the pleasure of watching each morning and evening. However, that year, the sugar ants discovered the feeder and so we had a constant battle of cleaning and moving the feeder hoping that ants would not discover the new location.

This summer, the honey bees discovered the hummingbird feeder. Those bees swarmed the feeder and drained it within an hour. Each time I refilled the feeder; the bees returned and drained the nectar. With the advent of the bees, the hummingbirds could no longer use the feeder.

My husband, tired of my grousing, got on the Internet and did a little research. It turns out that the feeder I purchased does nothing to protect against ants and bees. As a matter of fact, the type of feeder we had was attractive to bees.

After a little research, my husband discovered that clever inventors had developed a hummingbird feeder designed to only feed hummingbirds. The flowers are positioned in such a way that bees cannot collect the nectar and the feeder has a moat to drown any ants attempting to reach the nectar.

I now have an ant and bee free feeder that the hummingbirds are busy draining. Yeah!

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