Nominations Open for the 2017 Book of the Year Award

Buyers gravitate to books that have won awards. An award signals a reader that the book has risen above its competition to stand out.

Each year, the number of books published independently in the United States grows exponentially. In one year, between 2012 and 2013, the number of independently published titles increased to 458,000 titles, which amounted to a 17% growth rate for that year. However, between 2008 and 2014, the growth rate for independently published titles was 437%. Additionally, independently published ebooks accounted for 31% of all sales in the Kindle Store in 2014.

As the number of independently published Christian books grows, vehicles are needed to bring awareness and give recognition to these books. Christian Small Publishers Book of the Year Award is one tool striving to do just that.

Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) created the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award eight years ago to recognize outstanding Christian books by small presses and independently published authors.

Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award is now open for nominations for the 2017 Book of the Year Award. To be eligible to nominate a title, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Books must be Christian in nature, promote the Christian faith, and intended for the Christian marketplace. The Christian marketplace is defined as the marketplace that is served by CBA member retail stores (mainly individuals who maintain Catholic or Protestant beliefs and doctrines).
  • Books must be published with a 2015 or 2016 copyright and released for sale in 2015 or 2016. New editions of previously published books are eligible. Reissued editions are not.
  • Books submitted in previous years for the award may not be submitted again, unless they are a new edition with a new ISBN number.
  • Books must be printed in English and available for sale in the United States.
  • The nomination of a title must be made by the publisher or author of the book.
  • Eligible publishers must be small presses or independently published authors with revenues of $400,000 or less per year.

The award is offered in 14 categories. To nominate your title or to learn more about the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award visit the Award’s website at

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