eBook Sales Keep Growing

A recent study by Simba Information recently showed that, while ebook adoption slowed in 2012, the number of ebook users still grew and passed the 50 million adult mark that year.

Interestingly this study showed that while the number of ebook readers grew, the amount of money spent by a given ebook buyer did not rise (between 2011 and 2012).


Simba also found that not everyone who can access ebooks chooses to do so. The study revealed that about 63% of smartphone owners, 48% of iPad owners, and 40% of non-iPad tablet owners do not use ebooks.

So, while the sales of ebooks are growing, remember that they still only constitute around 25% of all book sales. This means that if you only publish your content electronically, you are limiting the market reach for your book, and in turn, limiting sales.

On the other hand, if you are only publishing your content in print, you too are losing out on market reach and sales.

If you are interested in making your print books available digitally, but are not sure how to start, check out these great resources provided by Media Bistro.

I recently posted the following quote on Christian Small Publishers Association’s Facebook page. I think this quote sums up what to expect from the book market for the next few years.

eBook market growth has slowed and digital cannibalization of physical book sales has slowed as well. After the hyper-growth in ebooks over the last few years, consumers have settled into their book formats of choice. And while ebooks will continue to drive growth in the book category in the future, physical book sales will have a longer tail than previously anticipated.” ~Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch

It is not an either/or book selling market. It is a both market. Both print and digital versions of a book are now required to capture the widest audience.

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