A Marketing Lesson

I recently received a notice in the mail from a credit card company whose credit card I possess in my wallet. The company had sent me a complimentary notice of my credit score. They stated that they planned to continue to do this free-of-charge on a monthly basis. The reason: They want to be my favorite credit card.

credit cards

I think there is a lesson to be learned from this credit card company. The credit card business faces stiff competition. While there are only a few types of credit cards—Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express—the number of businesses that offer these credit cards is enormous.

This is not unlike the book market. While there are a limited number of genres of books, the number of books in each category is massive. Book selling competition is fierce, much like the credit card competition.

To set themselves apart, my credit card company has decided to provide a service that is useful for me, the consumer—adding value to my life. In addition, the method they have chosen to deliver this service (monthly) ensure that their name will continually be brought to my attention with a positive association. The goal is that this reminder and association will make me more inclined to think of this credit card more frequently. The end result will be that I will use this particular credit card more often.

Consider how this lesson from a credit card company can help you sell more books.

What can you offer that will set your apart from the competition? What value-added service can you provide that will consistently bring your name and your book’s name in front of your potential readers?

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