Extreme Marketing

To what lengths will you go to promote a book?

How much money would you spend on gathering attention for your book?

One first-time author, Matt Dojny, went to great lengths to promote his new novel, The Festival of Earthly Delights, at Book Expo America (BEA) earlier this month.

Matt set up a food cart across the street from the Javits Center in the Crystal Palace South to peddle interest in his new book. The food cart, called a Taste of Puchai, offered free books, mysterious candy, spiked punch, paper kites, and cool-ranch-flavored cricket snacks for three hours on Tuesday, June 5 during BEA. Anyone stopping by was welcome to partake of the fun and treats offered.

A snack-cart promotional event at BEA is not an inexpensive undertaking. This author truly thought outside the box to come up with an interesting marketing gimmick that attracted both the attention of the media and the attention of BEA attendees.

Interesting ideas generate interest. I would love to hear about your extreme marketing ideas.

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