Finding New Readers for Your Books

My son loves music. He would probably implant his headphones into his ears permanently so that he could have music 24/7 if he could. Due to his love of music, we are always looking for new and interesting musicians to check out.


In this quest, I read about a website called NoiseTrade. Started by an indie musician who wanted to get more exposure for his music and other indie musicians’ music, the idea behind NoiseTrade was to offer free songs by these musicians to introduce the listening public their music.

Noisetrade is doing what it set out to do and has grown exponentially. There are hundreds of musicians on the site, featuring all types of music, and offering free samples from a few songs to a whole album. While all song downloads on the site are free, NoiseTrade does recommend that listeners donate a few dollars for the music they enjoy.

NoiseTrade may have begun with music, but it did not stop there. It has now expanded to books. Fast becoming for indie authors what it is for indie musicians—introducing the reading public to the writings of indie authors—the site now features ebooks that can be downloaded for free (with a suggested donation if the reader likes the book) as a way for authors to acquire new readers.

One of the nice features of NoiseTrade is that you do not have to offer a full book on the site. You can offer a sample (a few chapters) of a book to introduce readers to your work.
Placing an ebook on NoiseTrade is easy. Any independent author or publisher can sign up at Just click on the “Author Sign-up/Login” button on the top of the front page and follow the instructions.

Whether you choose to give away an entire book or just a sample of your book on NoiseTrade, this site may be able to help you find more readers for your book. At any rate, check it out. Browse the NoiseTrade books and see what other authors are offering.

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