Nominations Now Open for the 2021 Christian Indie Awards

Go after awards. An award sticker on the cover may give you an edge, and sometimes that’s the difference you need to propel your book into best-seller territory.”  ~Scott Lorenz, Book Publicist

Winning an award does give you an edge when selling your book. Research shows that having an award sticker on a book’s cover makes a difference for buyers. When book buyers are presented with two books on the same topic and one is an award winner, book buyers consistently prefer the book that has won an award.

Nominations are now OPEN for the 2021 Christian Indie Awards. Any independently published author or small publisher can nominate a Christian book published in 2019 or 2020 for the award. Nominations can be made on the Awards’ website at

Check out these 10 reasons to nominate your book for the Christian Indie Awards!

10 Reasons to Enter a Book Award

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