How Effective Are Your Press Releases?

Have you ever read a press release where you didn’t get past the first couple sentences? Did you stop reading because the information in the first paragraph just did not grab your attention?

Are you concerned that your press releases might be a little lackluster? Are you afraid people aren’t reading your press releases the way you hope?

I loved my eighth grade speech class. My teacher was great. He drummed into my classmates’ and my head that the opening lines of a speech where the most important. He told us over and over again that if we did not catch the audience’s attention with our opening lines, we had lost their attention for our entire speech.

This teacher suggested that we use one of the following to open a speech:

1. Tell a joke

2. Tell a short story

3. Ask a question

4. Quote an interesting statistic

5. Make a shocking statement

I remember one classmate doing a speech on “How to Bake a Cake” for the class. She did not tell us what her speech was about, but opened her speech by yelling “Don’t slam that door or my cake will fall!

My speech teacher’s advice has been invaluable to me as I embarked on a various writing adventures. I think the instruction he gave holds true whether you are speaking or writing.

You can apply this speech-writing counsel to your press releases to spice them up and make people heed what you have to say. Start your press release with a question, a shocking statement, or an interesting statistic that grabs the reader’s attention.

Need to find some interesting statistics that tie into current trends for your next press release? Try Gallup® or These websites are filled with great statistics on trends in American public opinion on a number of topics. If you want statistics related to Christianity and Christian issues, then visit Barna Group.

After you write your next interest-grabbing press release, head on over to Press Release Grader and find out whether your press release makes the grade. This website evaluates your press release and provides a marketing effectiveness score, so you can see how your press release stacks up against the competition.

I hope your press release gets an A!

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