Are You a Procrastintor?

Do you have difficulty carving out the time to write? Maybe you want to write your next book, but have been too busy marketing your current one. Maybe you want to post regularly on your company publishing blog, but every time you go to write, something more urgent comes up.

Carving out time to write is difficult, especially if writing is not your main livelihood. If you are a chronic procrastinator or if you easily get distracted by more pressing issues when you sit down to write, there is help for you.

One website,, was developed just for you. On 750Word users are encouraged to write 750 words each day. The website tracks the word count for you. Your writings are kept private unless you want others to view them, and best of all, it’s free to use.

Of course, to use, you do have to make the time in your schedule. However, even if you chose to use the site a couple times a week and write 750 words each time, you may end up doing more writing than you currently are.

Head on over to today and start writing!