Book Lover’s Chocolate

I recently saw an advertisement for Book Lover’s Chocolate®.

Now, there is some good niche marketing. Bridge Brands Chocolate has made a chocolate product for book lovers (they also have wine lover’s , tea lover’s, and sports lover’s chocolates).

Bridge Brands Chocolate has packaged their chocolate drops in a boxes made of recycled paper made to look like beautiful old-world, antiquarian hardcover books. They even offer these chocolates in “three volumes:”

  • Volume 1: Dark Chocolate Espresso
  • Volume 2: Dark Chocolate
  • Volume 3: Milk Chocolate.

The chocolates are advertised as: “perfect for the book lover. You can keep them handy while you are reading. These gourmet chocolate drops will deliciously enhance your reading pleasure!”

I love it. What a creative marketing concept and an out-of-the-box (pun intended) way to take an everyday product and package it for a niche market of book lovers.

Let this interesting marketing concept get your own creative marketing juices flowing for your books and products. What are some ways you can target your books to a small subset of a population?