Indie Authors Get Their Day in the Spotlight

Up to 42% of the ebooks sold on are independently published books, according to Author Earnings. As independent publishing grows, so do the programs that help indie authors gain more attention.

Indie Author Day

This year will feature an inaugural Indie Author Day! SELF-e, a joint venture between BiblioLabs and Library Journal that brings independently published ebook titles to libraries across America, is the sponsor of the event.

This first annual Indie Author Day will be held on October 8, 2016. Public Libraries across North America will host their own local author events on this day. The sponsor of the event hopes that 400 libraries will participate. Currently, they have over 100 libraries already signed up to participate in Indie Author Day.

As a Christian independent author, is there room for you to participate? I think so. Here are some things that you can do to participate in Indie Author Day.

  1. Host your own event at your church library for Indie Author Day (or even the day after on Sunday).
  2. Find out if your local library is participating. You can check the listing here. If your local library is not participating talk with them about doing so. Bring the event to their attention. Let them know that you are an indie author who is willing to participate by reading your children’s book, holding a seminar on a topic related to reading or writing, or even hosting a craft related to your book. Maybe even volunteer to help coordinate the events for the day.
  3. If your library is already participating, contact them and inquire how you, a local independent author, can participate.
  4. Help spread the word about Indie Author Day. Just helping promote Indie Author Day gives you another opportunity to get your name and book in front of readers.

Through Indie Author Day libraries are encouraged to support their local writers. It’s a chance for Indie Authors to have the spotlight. As a local writer, you can participate in this event to raise more awareness not just for your books, but also for the growing independent publishing movement.

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