As you may already know, Christian Small Publishers Association launched a book review program for bloggers this summer. This new program, BookCrash, provides free books to bloggers in exchange for a fair review.

Member publishers of Christian Small Publishers Association provide the books for review by bloggers via BookCrash. These small publishers are looking for additional exposure and more reviews of their books.

The program is a win-win solution for everyone. Small and self-publishers get more exposure for their books. Bloggers get free books that provide them with further material for their blogs. Book readers get information on unique titles helping them decide what to read.

For many years, small press and self-published books have been largely overlooked by the traditional book trade community. A poor reputation seemed to be attached to these types of publishers. Fortunately, the tide of public opinion is turning and people are beginning to note that great books come from all sources.

I have been especially encouraged by the remarks BookCrash bloggers are providing on their experience reading books by small and self-publishers. Check out some of these comments from the bloggers reading books from BookCrash’s review program.

“What a delightful book! I loved it!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.”

“Thank you for the book, the opportunity to review it and the blessing of reading it.”

“Loved the book! Thanks!”

“Oh, what a beautiful book! What a privilege to be allowed to read and review it! Thank you so much!”

Each of these comments was unsolicited and straight from the heart of the reader.

If you or any of your friends, associates, or even enemies, blog on a regular basis, please spread the news about the free books for review on BookCrash ( The more reviewers BookCrash has, the more exposure books from small presses will get!


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