A Strategy for Selling Books

Six books for $9.99! That’s just $1.67 per book—ebook of course.

Sourcebooks, a publisher of romance books, is offering readers this great deal. It is their new subscription plan for romance readers.

Readers who sign up for this subscription will be able to choose one of four featured romance titles each month for six months. Subscription members will also be able to purchase additional titles at a discount.

Why is Sourcebooks offering this subscription service so cheap? To hook readers. Sourcebooks wants to build a loyal following of romance readers who will return again and again to purchase books.

I think this strategy is a great way to build an audience for books. However, to use this type of subscription approach, a publisher must produce a number of new books on a regular basis.

How might this type of strategy serve a small publisher?

If you are a small publisher producing a series (fiction series, Bible study series, children’s book series), consider this idea. You could offer people who purchase the first book in your series a chance to purchase the remaining books in the series at a discount.

This strategy is much like selling pre-publication copies of a book. Readers who enjoy the first book in the series would then pay for the remaining books (at an irresistible price) in advance. Each book would then be shipped to the customer when they are released.

Creativity, thinking outside the box, and trying new things is how publishers will remain viable and sell books in today’s economy.

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