Publishing is Not Enough

I recently read an interview with best-selling author and mega-church pastor David Jeremiah. In the interview, David Jeremiah talked about the marketing campaign that accompanies each of his book releases.


Pastor Jeremiah releases a new book each fall. To promote each book, David does eight rallies across the country in arenas. He also markets the book on his radio and television programs. In addition, he conducts a pre-launch campaign via the Internet.

Now David Jeremiah is an established Christian pastor with an existing church, radio and television show, and a staff team to help him promote each book; so, his book marketing campaigns will look different from the average author. However, the takeaway for me from this interview was the need for marketing a book. Even this mega-church pastor gets that.

In the interview David Jeremiah said:

“I know that you can’t just write a book and say I’m not going to have anything to do with marketing. If you don’t care enough about it to try and figure out how to get it in the hands of other people, nobody else is going to either.”

Do you care enough about the books you publish to ensure that they get into the hands of people? Check your marketing campaign. It will reflect the level of care you have about making sure people know about your book.

It’s not enough to write or publish. Marketing is required to take what you write or publish and make it an agent of change in the lives of people.

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