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MCB University provides on-demand video seminars teaching you the information you need to successfully publish and promote your Christian books. Members of Christian Indie Publishing Association (CIPA) have free access to these on-demand seminars.

Grow Your Audience with Content Marketing
Readers buy books from authors they have a connection with and trust. Content marketing is a powerful tool to use in growing an audience for your books. This 40-minute, on-demand seminar walks you through six manageable steps of content marketing to help you develop trust with and grow your audience.








Develop an Audience for Your Books
The number of books published is growing exponentially while the number of readers is holding steady. To sell your books, you must develop an audience who believes in and trusts you. This 50-minute on-demand seminar walks you through the steps you can take to develop an audience of people who will purchase your books. Instruction covers what an audience is, the importance of an audience, and strategies to develop an audience.









Book Reviews: Tips for Getting More Reviews
Book reviews help sell books. This 55-minute on-demand seminar covers the importance of book reviews, how to ask readers for reviews, how to find bloggers to review your books, how to secure more online book reviews, and how to respond to reviews.









Branding Your Book
This 30-minute, on-demand seminar explains why branding is important for your book. Instruction covers how your book is like a business, what a brand is, how to craft a brand for your book, and how to create a book title that reflects your brand. Click on the photo below to watch.

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Endorsements Help You Sell More Books
This 45-minute, on-demand seminar teaches you everything you need to know to obtain endorsements for your book. Instruction covers what endorsements are, why they are important, whom to ask for endorsements, when to seek endorsements, how to request an endorsement, and where to use the endorsements you receive. Click on the photo below to watch.

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